Printer Rental Service

Keep your printing costs under control, avoid surprise expenses.

As a result of the examination of your company, printers in unnecessary places can be identified and you can position printers in common locations.

Instead of having an entry-level printer in every room, we can reduce your output costs by positioning more professional printers in common working areas.

With our printer tracking software, you can report which user has printed how much, whether the printouts are in color or black and white. We can minimize your costs by limiting the number of user or department-based printouts or the number of color pages.

Oh No, The Toner Is Out!​

You will not have such a problem with the tracking program provided free of charge by our company.

Printers are monitored every hour and all consumables are reported to us. When your necessary consumables fall to the percentage rate determined as a result of our agreement, they will be sent to you in advance.

With our printer rental services, you can keep printing costs under control and continue your business without having to deal with surprise costs.

Printer rental contracts are prepared for 24-36 and 48 months. During the contract period, the monthly printer fee is paid in addition to the per-page printing fee. At the end of the contract, the printer is transferred to the user by paying the printer fee for one more month. You can continue to receive printing services after the printer is yours.

You do not pay for extra services such as

Equipment and maintenance

Consumption material

Spare parts and labor

Operation and management.

In addition, without the need to track toner for the printers you have rented, we ensure the tracking of toner levels on your behalf and determine the critical toner levels according to your location and provide toner shipments.



For problems that may be related to the machines, we promise to solve the problem within 8 business hours by creating a solution action within 2 hours and informing the relevant people. If the problem will be solved in more than 24 hours, we provide a temporary machine instead of the machine you have used.

In addition, after the setup of the machine you will use, you will benefit free of charge from the training given by our expert employees on the use of the printer.

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